All you need is love…

I haven’t had a moment to write to you guys in a while. Since the last time I wrote you, we’ve taken a vacation, changed a lot of things in the house, went to the park a few times when the weather was nice, the zoo, shopping, had your Aunt Skye’s wedding…. lots of things…fun things….exhausting things! I will be better as I learn to manage time a bit better and will fill in the gaps with late posts, but the older you all get, the less time I feel like there is.

There’s never enough time to do everything I need to do in the day, but yet the day’s seem so incredibly long. Sometimes they are just plain hard, and its not your fault. It’s never been your fault, nor will it ever be your fault. Even on the days mommy cries because you have dumped the DVDS out for the 5th time, or the toys we just put away together, or the food you’ve thrown on the floor in protest that i’ve clean up again seconds later, or the diapers, the baths, or any of the constant-ness of what life with a 3 year old, 21 month old, and a 5.5 month old, brings. It’s never your fault when I show how frustrating it can be and lose my temper, because it’s not you, it’s really me…it’s my fault, because you are babies, and learning, and even though you know better than to do the things you do sometimes, my job is to show you over and over again… even when its hard. I hope you always remember the happy things we do during our 13-14 hours awake together and all the GOOD things mommy does with you, and when I’m feeling like I’m just not enough, I go through all the pictures I take of you guys, because I do every day, and I see how much love you have for each other. In that moment nothing else matters because that love is real, and it’s a love that is taught. I am blessed that my three little babies know what love is…and that, for today, is enough.T73A0009T73A0026T73A0029T73A0064T73A0074T73A0076T73A0113T73A9986T73A9988I wouldn’t trade all the hours and minutes I spend with you three, for anything in this world, you make my life so much more full of happiness I could ever have imagined.





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