Picture’s are worth a thousand words…

I haven’t written you guys in a while, life has been so crazy…sometimes I have a hard time taking the moments I need to besides a quick post with a picture on Facebook, to really write it all down. I don’t have all the words for the past month so I will just let the photos of you three speak for themselves, and just a little bit of the fun times this spring has brought to us ❤


Love you always!



T73A9986T73A9988IMG_1356IMG_1367IMG_6856IMG_0002IMG_0004 copyIMG_0006IMG_0008IMG_0053IMG_0215IMG_0285T73A2048IMG_0291T73A2048ffffIMG_0422IMG_1124IMG_1288IMG_1371IMG_1382IMG_1430IMG_1443IMG_1679IMG_1724IMG_1818IMG_1824IMG_2040IMG_2092IMG_2105IMG_2244IMG_2567IMG_2708IMG_2727IMG_2730IMG_2735IMG_2742IMG_2763IMG_2789IMG_2789bwIMG_2906IMG_2934IMG_4255-2IMG_4261IMG_4262-2IMG_4264-2IMG_4283IMG_4289IMG_4338IMG_4353IMG_4362IMG_4400IMG_4404IMG_4435IMG_4449IMG_4477IMG_4480IMG_4490IMG_4509IMG_4565IMG_23701T73A1270T73A1315T73A1324T73A1650T73A2044ffffIMG_9532-2IMG_6844IMG_9572IMG_6872IMG_6912IMG_7831IMG_9580IMG_6914IMG_8104IMG_7879IMG_6919IMG_6934IMG_9601


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