Isaiah | 2 weeks old

When a friend of mine hired me to take photos for one of her friends who had a baby in the NICU, my immediate response, was YES. Anyone who knows me, knows that preemies are very near and dear to my heart. They are my passion. So much so that I try to document as many families during their stay and time in the NICU that my schedule allows me to, because I genuinely believe it is so important in the healing process and to the families.

Isaiah was born at 26 weeks due to a placental abruption (which is what I had with my youngest daughter), and I was immediately taken back to a place where I was a year prior to meeting his mother, Shandi. I could see the look in her face and know the feeling of all the emotions that come with her situation and being torn between her child who was needing her in the NICU, and her children who were needing her at home. I know all too well the heart ache she is going through, and I know one thing is for sure, though right now it seems overwhelming and unbearable, time does heal all wounds…God heals all wounds.

Shandi’s love for her awesome new baby boy is evident and radiates in the photos I am about to share. Please pray for Shandi, her husband, her children at home, and for Isaiah. I will be updating on their story with monthly visits to the NICU.

If you know anyone in need during their NICU or have a child having a hospital stay and think this would be something they would be interested in, please message me.

Isaiah Nicholas Sherman

January 14th, 2017

9:53 am

2lbs 6 oz

15 inches

26 weeks gestation

2 weeks old



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